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Martial Arts comes in many styles from many distant lands and have been developed over 1000s of years. Some say modern martial arts as we know it today came from India while other say from ancient Greece.

Each nation has it’s own military combat form and today we see such styles as karate, kung fu, takwondo, silat, muay thai, kickboxing, ju jutsu, judo, aikido, brazilian jiu jitsu, krav maga, systema, tai chi, hapkido and the list goes on. Many people will recognise these styles and know of their origins but there are many more lesser know arts that play an equally important role in laying out and playing a part of the history of martial arts as we know it today.

Some styles focus on competitions, some what to maintain the training in traditional elements while others what to bring out the military aspects of combat for realistic defence in the modern world. The combat sports aspect has developed over recent years to be much more professional drawing multiple styles in one arena called Mixed Martial Arts (MMA). It operates as a brand more than a style as it a MMA fighter may have a karate background and added Brazilian Jiu Jitsu to his skill set to expand his weapons arsenal.

The important thing to understand is every martial art has it’s place and each one has value and will suit a certain person needs. The idea is to select one that best suits your needs at this time and study hard to gain a strong foundation before moving on to something else. As your needs change so might your martial arts so don’t be concerned if you feel your current art doesn’t fulfil you, try another one or dig deeper into the one you are studying.

Every martial art style can find insurance to cover their operation, it is the instructor’s qualifications and the way he teaches that is the most important element to consider.




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